Figuromo Studio is the developer of the popular coloring app ColorMinis: is a unique online figurine and sculpture webapp featuring realistic 3D preview turntables. This preview is interactive and allows fans to change colors & materials in a fun and relaxing experience, and provides a useful tool for hobby painters to preview and experiment with highlighting and shade combinations on real kits and tabletop miniature figures which they can then purchase.


Color creations can be shared and inspire the ColorCloud: an active community accessing ColorMinis on the web and across millions of mobile devices through the Google Play and iOS app stores.


Stunning 3D detail on a real time web viewer

No Plugin Installation required

ColorMinis Materials.png

Models with real material finish and lighting

A Unique Hack-proof 3D Web Viewer technology


Progressive Web App designed from the ground up to be

Same fast performance on desktop and mobile device

ColorMinis Palette High and Shade Paints

Paint Layering Preview

Figuromo produces Accurate layering of Shade and Highlight painting

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