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ColorMinis is a unique online hub designed for casual app users, hobby painters, collectors, and anime kit builders, to come together to experiment and share their love for sculptures and color creations.

Many products and themes are on display to sit back and relax with color combinations: anime kits and fantasy tabletop minis are along side toys, chibi, experiments, and print-on-demand custom colored figures.

An Artist Tool

When painting 3D figures, its common to paint shading and highlights to accentuate shape and add detail. For the hobby painter, ColorMinis can be an invaluable tool allowing for a quick and simple way to view base colors combined with Shading and Highlights.

Hobby Paint Colors

To further expand the reference functionality, ColorMinis features color palettes from popular model hobby paint lines. These colors can be assigned to a model part while automatically assigning Shade and Highlight colors.

Feature Products

ColorMinis is an ever-expanding hub for the most detailed and high-quality models available for customization and visualization online.

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