About Us | Figuromo Studio llc

Our mission is to bring 3D art to life in unique and creative ways.


We have a deep appreciation for the artistry of virtual and real life sculpting, anime model kits, fantasy miniature figurines, and tabletop painting...these all fuse together to fuel our passion.


Our proprietary webapp technology allows us to publish photo real 3D turntables featuring real time customization of material, lighting, and color. The preview imagery is delivered with unprecedented realism and visual quality with a polished coloring experience accessible both online and offline from desktop and mobile devices.

Realistic Imagery

We use proprietary layering and compositing techniques able to deliver complex materials like glass, brushed metal, wax, cloth, fur; all in 3D and designed by the user in real time even on mobile devices.​​

Hack-Proof 3D on the Web

Our rendering approach uses Image Layering which eliminates all risk of 3D geometry theft/hacking:

All geometry based rendering solutions require model vertex data is sent to the GPU for display. All encryption is removed at this rendering phase and many simple hacks allow users to access GPU vertex data,  reconstruct the shape, and redistribute models for illicit 3D print and kit sale.

This is an important distinction that makes ColorMinis technology the only option for hack-proof 3D previews online.