Figuromo Studio is made up of a group of artists and programmers from across the globe. We have come together to create ColorMinis app collection to promote 3d art and the artists behind their work.






With ColorMinis, we've created a whole new genre of coloring apps.

Our app collection is inspired by the collectible figurine market and the figure painting hobby. The mobile platform is a great way to introduce this art form to a new audience.



We display beautiful and realistic 3d sculptures that support clear part selection and editing.

We've created an interface that's simple yet layered and deep enough to entertain kids as well as adults. Young children often love to simply color the figurines, while adults enjoy playing with all the different material combinations.
We release a new figurine every 2-3 weeks and showcase the art and artists behind their work. 



Visual quality is important to us. We want ColorMinis sculptures to look real, and for the user to not only pick the color and texture of the figurines, but also what material they are made of.


We use a proprietary layering and compositing techniques able to deliver complex materials like glass, brushed metal, wax, cloth, fur; all in 3D and designed by the user in real time on mobile devices.



We display static 3d figurines: the final subject is in a locked pose. 

We support all devices with 512 Meg's of RAM or more.


Artwork Selection?

Ours apps support portrait turntables and we focus on characters. character art works best. 


If you're a 3d artist and would be interested in displaying your artwork on a Figuromo app, don't hesitate to contact us and send us any questions you might have.




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